About BBOP


BBOP Board Meeting, Sunday May 17, Noon, Collin’s House (email membership@bboutrigger.org for address)


The Bellingham Bay Outrigger Paddlers (BBOP) is a group dedicated to perpetuating the sport and culture of outrigger canoe paddling.  A group of enthusiastic paddlers met in November 2010 to determine interest in organizing an outrigger club in the Bellingham area.  From the group six people volunteered to become the first board of directors and organize the club.  Thanks to a large contribution/ long-term loan from Pos-X, our first canoe, built in Canada, arrived in April 2011.   Presently BBOP has grown to three canoes that are staged for the majority of the year at the Community Boating Center in Fairhaven.

From the beginning days to the present all skill levels and ages are welcome.  We have pratice sessions geared toward all levels of interest, and all individuals regardless of interest level are considered valuable assets to the club.

BBOP is a federally recognized 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, and all donations are considered tax deductible.

Our Mission:

Our mission is to promote and perpetuate the sport and culture of outrigger canoe paddling in our community and throughout the Pacific Northwest.

What is an outrigger canoe?  A Hawaiian outrigger canoe is a 45 foot six-person canoe with an outrigger/ float (ama) attached to the canoe with i’akos.  The bow, or seat 1 sets the pace and stroke for the rest of the boat, while seat six in the stern keeps the canoe straight and is considered the “captain” or commander of the canoe.  Everyone will paddle on both sides, with the caller yelling “hut” on the 12-14 stroke.  For more information on the history of Hawaiian check out the book by Tommy Holmes, The Hawaiian Canoe.